Popularity: Gods or Mortals?

Ever since our years in Junior High School, we all compete in the race for popularity. We put our peers on altars, and give them God-like status. This perception of our fellow students is very much false. The “popular kids” are only human. They feel the same insecurities, and emotions that everyone else feels. If anything, people who are seen as popular, live harder lives. “Popular people” are the most fake people you will ever meet. Because students make them feel like they are Gods. They feel like they have to keep their status up.

The worst part about the “popularity race” in High School, is that these fake Gods bring their perception of popularity from Junior high. Then these circles of students clash to become the most popular in their High School. Thus concluding that they live harder lives.

I implore everyone who views this post, to use my words as a defense from feelings of insecurity. Please. Avoid joining the drama, and the pressure to run the race for popularity. It is not worth it to try be a social God when you are only human.

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