Living like a Phoenix

A phoenix is a mythical firebird that has a unique power of resurrecting itself when it dies. The phoenix is a symbol of hope. It shows people that even when they are brought down to ashes of shame, there is a chance to be reborn and soar again. In every depiction of a phoenix’s rebirth, it always rises slowly. Taking slow steps to regain the glory that was lost. Just like this majestic bird, I rise when I feel defeated. The fire that burns in side is fueled by passion and love. The fire that is inside never really extinguishes. It simply waits to be awaken again, and return to a volcanic eruption. Everyone has a phoenix in them. It is the driving force for greatness. Our fire can also be like a candle. Able to light others, and glow in a dark world.

Let us all be like the phoenix and rise.

Image result for phoenix epic

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