Letter to Future self

Hey me,

It’s me, but from the past. I hope you get this letter and don’t regret what you wrote. I need to know, are we successful? Do you have that dream job that we wanted, or are we wasting away in our parents basement? Did that girl we liked in High School finally notice us, and “Fall in love”. If you are successful please send some sort of help to me now. But wait…If you are successful wouldn’t that mean I’m living my life right? The world can be so confusing when you can’t see down the road. Perhaps there is somethings that can help me now. Like; what university should I attend? What occupation lies in wait for me? If you can’t tell already, I am scared for the future that waits for me, or us. This letter is mostly just a way for me to ask you if everything will turn out alright. I ask you because nobody has the ability to answer questions about my self.

Well, I’m sure you have lots to do. Please write soon.

Yours truly, Past self

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